Worldcom PR Group EMEA in Helsinki Nov 2017
Worldcom PR Group EMEA in Helsinki Nov 2017

Every literate person knows how many vicious problems humanity has to solve. How can we guarantee basic needs for energy, clean water, food, health care and medicine for the world's growing population, while simultaneously global warming is leading to extreme weather phenomena and loss of biodiversity with unpredictable consequences?

These complex challenges are being addressed through a myriad of means and in many ways, both locally and globally. Some try to understand and resolve them, as others tempt to reject or deny them. We all need to face them anyway. Solutions are vigorously sought as well by scientists, experts and artists as by the media. Businesses and the financial world are also interested in threats and opportunities of the future. Where should you invest your time, energy and money to increase prosperity, well-being and security?

The basic conditions for success may not be evenly distributed. The chances vary dramatically depending on where we happened to be born. Power struggles and tensions are part of all this. In the VUCA world - under the rule of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity - we just have to carry on our lives in the pursuit of what is important and valuable to us.

Communication professionals do not have the answers to all difficult questions, but together with our customers and partners, we certainly have a better-than-average ability to understand complex phenomena, handle data and evaluate the reliability of sources of information. Professional communication and marketing can make the difference on what people will talk about and what they may do something about, too.

Responsible communication professionals of significant impact

A valid situation assessment always requires communication and interaction. No wonder, the demand for the services of communications agencies is rapidly growing. This is why the global collaboration of experienced, motivated and responsible communication professionals can be of significant impact.

The partnership of Worldcom colleagues is based on personal relationships and loyalty, as well as professional competence and networks. Thanks to this high-quality global cooperation, a small but ambitious PR and inbound marketing agency in a small market, can really make a difference. We and these partners have every reason to use our competence in an ethically sustainable way to provide results for our clients.

As Worldcom partners, we have a common mission to help our clients communicate with their stakeholders across borders to create value and welfare to many. We together with our clients and active consumers, who vote by their behaviour and daily purchase decisions, may even compensate for some of the shortcomings of the democratic systems. We are actually doing our part to stabilize the world – simply by doing what we would do anyway, never compromising on quality. #WorldcomStrong

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